Mia -The Advisor 

    Iam the Senior Business Advisor in charge of welcoming new leads into the ITresourcing services, determining WHY they are interested, and developing andmaintaining strong business relationships. 

    Outboundcalls to potential clients were made, and investment deals were closed over the
    phone, through the website, and via email.

    Theposition of being in the top three in the Sales department was maintained. 

    Displayedconsultative approach, understanding and anticipating business partner needs,
    and delivering solutions proactively.

    Ensuredcommercial partnerships 

    keptpositive customer relations 

    Managethe collections team to ensure that objectives are met. 

    Consistentlyexceeded monthly revenue targets 

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    IT outsourcing services  

    In recent years, the corporate environment has changed dramatically, with significant advances in information management. Organizations are having difficulty keeping up with the changing environment.

    They are constantly looking for new digital transformation initiatives to stay competitive. IT outsourcing services play a critical role in assisting businesses in dealing with competition and managing their IT services in such cases.

    IT outsourcing allows organisations to free up resources, focus on key company tasks, and engage professional resources without significantly increasing operational costs.


    It frees up in-house IT staff (if there is one) to focus on mission-critical systems and services. At MITS, we have a dedicated team of top competent IT specialists who provide the highest quality services to a wide range of customers. Our group provides excellent results.


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